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Did you know ACO do all of this?

Comprehensive Range

At ACO, we have the most comprehensive range of commercial plumbing products for buildings in the industry to compliment our internationally renowned range of external drainage products.

Hygiene and Cleanability

Our commitment to hygiene encompasses every aspect of the drainage process, including initial design, installation, cleaning and maintenance. It’s a philosophy we call HygieneFirst and it represents our commitment to ultimate hygienic performance.


Tradewaste is more than just a grease arrestor. All commercial kitchens must have suitable drainage upstream to remove wastewater from operations. Our range of solutions suit every application.


Planning drainage systems within any building can be a complex task. Success in combining products and process requires a thorough understanding of how these different elements work together. ACO’s Technical Services Team is able to work closely with you throughout the design and installation process to assist in selecting a practical and cost effective selection.
We offer a diverse range of product support, from drawings, installation details and Revit models.


As a market leader, we are committed to bringing new and innovative products to designers and installers. At ACO, we are dedicated to continuous development; quality and testing to ensure ACO products continue to meet Australian regulatory requirements.
The ACO Group has numerous research and development competency centres globally and locally. ACO is accredited to ISO 9001, an International Quality Standard for standards of excellence across the organisation.

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About ACO

ACO is an acronym for the Ahlmann Company. ACO is a family enterprise and was established in 1940 in Germany by Josef-Severin Ahlmann and remains a family owned company today. The headquarters of ACO Pty Ltd is based in Emu Plains, Sydney and has offices and warehouses around Australia, South East Asia and the South Pacific to provide local support on matters ranging from product selection, specification and installation.

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Food hygiene starts on the plant floor

Floors and drains are an integral part of a food processing facility. Keeping them clean and therefore hygienic is paramount to reducing the risk of foodborne pathogens. Recognising that the drain, gully and floor may need an upgrade is the first step to reducing the risks of a non-hygienic environment. In food processing plants, floors can be exposed to water, grease and chemicals…

Hygienic drainage design promotes food safety

Behind that seemingly clean food preparation environment lays a potential hygiene risk harbouring bacteria that puts consumers at risk of food contamination. Food safety ultimately is about ensuring that the food we eat is free from contamination. To minimise that risk, our food preparation areas must be as clean as possible…

Wastewater drainage from start to finish : tradewaste management in buildings

Floors and drains are an integral part of a commercial kitchen or food processing facility. From the point of discharge from equipment and washdown on the processing or commercial kitchen floor into the linear channels, grease separators and to the sewer, a complete drain solution from start to finish is imperative…

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